SOF Endurance Horse Team

Our endurance team is made up of Arabian horses that we compete in the sport of Endurance Racing. Fiesta, Langley and Mary were successful race horses that have found a second career. Heartbreaker, Tribecka and Dancing are young horses that we are developing. We enjoy providing our magical horses the opportunity to once again compete and live up to their breed potential as endurance athletes.

Our focus is on horse welfare and competing each ride with our horses having fun and being fit enough to continue. Endurance riding is a competition of stamina over a set route and against the clock. It’s not like track racing where horses gallop on a short track course. Endurance rides very in length with limited distance 25 to 30 miles and endurance distances 50-60 miles, 75 miles and 100 miles. Each ride is split into phases of approximately 12 to 20 miles where at the end of each phase the horse is checked by a veterinarian for health and being fit to continue. The time at each phase is counted when the horses heart rate is at or less then 64 beats per minute.

Attributes of an endurance horse is one that is mentally tough with stamina. A calm temperament is important since the horse needs to remain relaxed throughout the ride to conserve energy and a horse who eats at veterinary holds. The horse’s action and paces are also important where a light ground covering stride is desirable. The race is against the clock, a horse with an excellent heart rate recovery is key to making it through the pulse check quickly.

Endurance riding is a team sport with a strong bond between the horse and rider and also occasionally with a little help from friends (i.e. pit crew in holds).

Photo Gallery of the joys of seeing horses in the pasture, training and racing.

Our Horses

Full of Fiesta “Fiesta”

Langley “Moonbeam”

Mary Full of Grace “Akua”

ValleyDictorian “Riku”, In Memory of

Leap of Faith “Merriment or Minty”





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Competing since 2005
Total miles 1,700
51 rides
42 Completions
28 Top Ten Finishes
2 First Place Finishes
1 Best Condition

IMG_5216 small
Competing since 2013
Total miles 920
28 rides
21 Completions
10 Top Ten Finish

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