SOF Endurance Horse Team

Our endurance team is made up of Arabian horses who we compete in the sport of Endurance Riding (see below). Valleydictorian was our first horse and our other horses are from the same race barn where he was raised. Fiesta, Langley and Mary were successful race horses that have found a second career and loving home with us. Hheartbreaker, Tribecka, Dancinginthemoonlyte and Amadahess are young horses starting in endurance. Jack and Gaga for Gold are starting in the show arena and eventually will work as endurance horses. We enjoy providing our magical horses the opportunity to once again compete and live up to their breed potential as endurance athletes.

We focus on horse welfare and competing each ride with our horses having fun and being fit enough to continue. Endurance riding is a competition of stamina over a set route and against the clock. It’s not like track racing where horses gallop on a short track course. Endurance rides very in length with limited distance 25 to 30 miles and endurance distances 50-60 miles, 75 miles and 100 miles. Each ride is split into segments or phases of approximately 12 to 25 miles. At the end of each phase the horse is evaluated by a veterinarian and mandatory rest of 40 to 60 minutes. This is called a Vet Gate. The time at each Vet Gate starts when the horse’s heart rate drops to 64 beats per minute or less.

Horses that do well at endurance rides love going down the trail. They generally are calm (after they get warmed up-- usually 10 to 15 miles), eat & drink well at veterinary holds and move efficiently and have good heart rate recoveries. The Arabian breed is the most common, however we see lots of breeds with their owners enjoying the trail together.

Endurance riding is a team sport with a strong bond between the horse and rider and also occasionally with a little help from friends (i.e. pit crew in holds). We love camping, going down the trail with our horses and spending time with friends and riders at these events.

Photo Gallery of the joys of seeing horses in the pasture, training and racing.

Our Horses

Full of Fiesta “Fiesta”

Langley “Moonbeam”

Mary Full of Grace “Beauty”

ValleyDictorian “Riku”, In Memory of

Leap of Faith “Merriment or Minty”

Hheartbreaker “Bella the Buffalo”

Tribecka “Spirit”

Dancinginthemoonlyte “Let’s Go Luna”

AF Jack the Knife

AF Gaga for Gold “Fleur”


Sunrise Oak Farm Riders

IMG_5219 small
Competing since 2005
Total Competition Miles 2,340
36 Top Ten Finishes
3 First Place Finishes (not a focus of ours)
3 Best Condition Awards (Valleydictorian and Hheartbreaker-2)

IMG_5216 small
Competing since 2013
Rides FEI for the United States Team
Total miles 1,430
15 Top Ten Finishes
1 First Place Finish
2 Best Condition Awards (Hheartbreaker and Khomets Boss Hoss)

Additional Information on Endurance Riding

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US Equestrian - USA Endurance
SERA - Southeast Endurance Riders Association